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Our charcoal grills are designed to be hard wearing & cost-effective without compromising on the quality, to provide you with an enhanced cooking experience. Ideal for a variety of meats including chicken, lamb, beef, fish and dishes such as burgers, lamb chops, chicken wings, steaks plus many more. This makes our charcoal grills a popular necessity for restaurants, fast food outlets, snack bars, commercial caterers, and many more places.

Our Barbecue Grills come in various sizes and are very gas efficient, yet the high-power burners are very powerful so your food can be ready within a matter of minutes. You have the option of ordering your grill either on a ready-built stand with castors and brakes or as a tabletop version, it’s entirely your choice. We have a variety of styles to choose from, including models with griddles, hotplates, and skewers. All grills are also interchangeable so they can be adapted if you would like to change your cooking style.

All of our appliances are fitted with gas safety valves and can be adjusted to be used with either LPG or Natural gas. All products are manufactured in the UK.

Note! Skewers are for illustration purposes only. 

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