Turkish Mangal BBQ Charcoal Grill – Türkçe Ocakbaşı

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Our Turkish Mangal provides the best way to grill and cook various types of meat. This method of cooking food has been around for centuries in Turkey and has been traditionally used to cook kebabs, vegetables, meatballs etc.

Recently more and more catering establishments have taken to using this cooking method and adapted it to cook premium cuts of meat. The authentic flavours and aromas that are produced when using the Turkish Mangal cannot be replicated by other grills. It fits right in with a busy commercial kitchen, no matter the size.

Why not add something UNIQUE that will attract new customers and keep your current clientele returning for more of the taste of your dishes.

You can order this Mangal to be used with Charcoal Only, LPG or Natural Gas.

This product can be modified to suit individual requirements.